ScribeHub Privacy Policy

Last Updated: October 1, 2019

This Privacy Policy applies to all websites including those websites known as (collectively the "Site"), all products, and all services of ScribeHub and its affiliates or subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively referred to as "ScribeHub"). ScribeHub is committed to protecting User privacy and providing a safe and secure online experience for its Users.

Questions & Access to Information

If You have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or an Access to Information request for Your Personal Information, please contact Us by email at

Any requests for access to Personal Information must be in writing and will be addressed within 30 calendar days of receipt, as required by law. ScribeHub will use reasonable efforts to respond to any and all requests for access to Personal Information as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Users have the right at all times to lodge a complaint with the relevant regulatory authority respecting ScribeHub's handling of Personal Information.


"Content" means the comments, documents, work done and other inputs by the User or Trial User.

"Personal Information" means information about an identifiable individual, as defined by the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, SC 2000 c 5 ("PIPEDA"), and as amended from time to time, and also includes "Personal Data" as it is defined and used in the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation, being Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR").

"Document" means, and is a reference to, an online document which is the core content creation target within the Service, and is the result of the use of the Service.

"Service" means the online service that is provided on the Site, located at, or any alternate website as may be designated by ScribeHub from time to time.

"User" means any person, whether in an individual, company, partnership or other person or entity, that accesses the Service.

"We", "Us" or "Our" means ScribeHub, the company who provides the Site and with whom you are accepting this User Agreement.

"Workspace" is an account on the Service which contains Users and Documents. Typically, a company or organization will register a Workspace and invite coworkers and experts (Users) to their Workspace to collaborate on Documents together.

"You" or "Your" means, capitalized or not, yourself personally, or the company or other entity for which you are accepting the terms of this Privacy Policy, and any subsidiaries or affiliates of that company or entity.

Privacy Policy Terms

User Privacy Policy Agreement

By using the Site, You consent to the collection, storage, use and disclosure of Your Personal Information as described in this Privacy Policy. If You do not agree to the practices in this Privacy Policy, You should not use this Site. Each time You use this Site, the current version of the Privacy Policy will govern Your use. Accordingly, when You use this Site, You should check the date of this Privacy Policy (which appears at the top) and review any changes since the last version.


The way in which ScribeHub seeks consent, including whether it is express or implied, may vary depending upon the sensitivity of the information, the circumstances and the reasonable expectations of the User. We seek express consent when the information is likely to be considered sensitive. We rely on implied consent when the information is less sensitive. Should ScribeHub ever decide to use Personal Information for a purpose other than that for which the Personal Information was collected, ScribeHub will contact Users prior to engaging in such use to inform Users and obtain updated consent or provide Users with the opportunity to withdraw consent prior to such use.

An individual can withdraw consent at any time, subject to legal or contractual restrictions. We will inform individuals of any implications of withdrawing consent.

As a visitor to the Site there is no obligation on You to provide any Personal Information to ScribeHub. If You do not consent to Our Privacy Policy then You must discontinue Your access to, and use of, the Site. As a visitor, there are no repercussions to either not providing or withdrawing consent.

For all Users, consent is a contractual requirement to access and use both the Site and Service. If a User does not provide the necessary Personal Information, they will not be able to properly access the Site and/or use the Service.

Collection, Use, and Retention of Personal Information

When using the Site a User may transmit Personal Information, such as, but not limited to, name, email, company name, billing name and other billing information, avatar, "bio," job title, country, state or province, city, and language preference. When using the Site a User may view web pages, click links and perform other actions such as select a preferred language interface; such usage information is also collected. ScribeHub collects Personal Information using common Personal Information collection tools such as "Cookies." ScribeHub may collect other Personal Information regarding Your use of the Site, such as the name of the Internet service provider and the Internet Protocol address through which You access the Internet, the time You access the Service, and the Internet address of any referring website and the Internet address of the website from which You linked directly to any ScribeHub website. ScribeHub also retains comments and information, and User metrics respecting activity therein, sent between Users using the Service and Document for the purpose of providing and improving the Service.

ScribeHub uses all collected information, Personal or otherwise, to operate, support, and improve the Service and if You have opted-in to receive communications from ScribeHub, to send to You communications about ScribeHub and its services. Personal Information submitted to ScribeHub may also be used by ScribeHub to contact the User, including but not limited to, for updates respecting changes to ScribeHub's Privacy Policy.

ScribeHub limits the amount and type of Personal Information collected to that which is necessary for identified purposes, and will only collect Personal Information by fair and lawful means.

ScribeHub does not sell or trade Your Personal Information to third parties, and uses such Personal Information solely for its own purposes.

ScribeHub will retain Personal Information only as long as necessary for the fulfilment of Our identified purposes. Personal Information will be destroyed, erased or made anonymous when it is no longer required to fulfill Our identified purposes.

Disclosure and Storage of Personal Information

This Privacy Policy only applies to Personal Information that is collected through the Site and does not apply to any Personal Information that may be collected by other Users, such as through email or Service communications between You and another User.

When using the Site You may transmit Personal Information and any other content to areas of the Site where such Personal Information may be viewed, collected, stored or used by other Users that also have permission to such areas of the Site. ScribeHub is not responsible for any Personal Information You transmit to such areas of the Site and is similarly not responsible for any actions taken or not taken by other Users to such areas of the Site. If You disclose Your Personal Information to other Users, different rules may apply to their use or disclosure of Your Personal Information. ScribeHub does not guarantee the privacy or security of the Personal Information You provide to others. We therefore encourage You to evaluate the privacy and security policies of the other Site User before sharing Your Personal Information.

Unless You share Your Personal Information with other Users on the Site, or unless You instruct, or permit, ScribeHub to share Your Personal Information with other Users on the Site, ScribeHub does not share, sell or trade Your Personal Information with other Users.

ScribeHub reserves the right to disclose User Personal Information in circumstances allowed by federal and provincial or state privacy laws, which includes but is not limited to, (i) complying with lawful government requests and court orders, (ii) disclosing to necessary employees and service providers, (iii) collecting a debt owed by the User to ScribeHub, or (iv) enforcing ScribeHub's rights pursuant to a breach of the User Agreement and/or Master Agreement.

ScribeHub may also store Your Personal Information outside Canada, including but not limited to the United States of America and the European Union. All Personal Information stored outside of Canada will be subject to Personal Information protection and disclosure laws of the country where such data is stored. Regardless, ScribeHub will not voluntarily disclose Your Personal Information unless for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy or as required to by domestic or foreign privacy laws.

User Privacy Controls

Users can opt-out of receiving emails about new features, changes to the Service, and other marketing materials. Notwithstanding any such communications preferences indicated by You, ScribeHub may send to You necessary service emails regarding necessary maintenance events or modifications to the functionality or delivery of the Site and/or Service.

Users of the Site who have permission to manage a Workspace or a Document within a Workspace, have a choice whether to invite other Users to join the Workspace or the Document. Users have a choice to accept or decline invitations to Workspaces and Documents (and possibly other invitation-based portions of the system). Further, notwithstanding any communications preferences indicated by You, some emails related to the Service are initiated by Users and accordingly even though You may have opted-out from receiving communications from ScribeHub, such other Users may nevertheless cause Service-related emails to be sent to You, and vice-versa.

If You have subscribed to the Site on a trial basis, notwithstanding any communications preferences indicated by You, ScribeHub may contact You regarding the Service during the term of Your trial subscription.

User has the legal right to request ScribeHub send all Personal Information held by ScribeHub to the User upon written request. Furthermore, User has the legal right to require that any incorrect Personal Information be corrected. If at any point You wish to have Your Personal Information deleted, You must send Us a written request. Contact information and response timelines are set out above in the "Questions & Access to Information" section. Users requesting Personal Information will first be required to prove their identity prior to having such Personal Information released, corrected, or deleted by ScribeHub.

Users have the choice to configure their web browser to enable or disable Cookies. However, disabling Cookies will cause the private aspects of the Site not to function – i.e. a User will not be able to log in nor work on any Documents.

User Information Removal

A User may remove Personal Information from the Site which they upload in the course of using the Service, including Personal Information in the User's profile, in the User's Documents and in the User's Workspace. Though such Personal Information is stored by ScribeHub so that the User's Content and Document remain from session to session, the User has control of such Personal Information and can delete such Personal Information at any time. When a User removes such Personal Information, other Users will not be able to see the removed Personal Information, unless it is Personal Information that remains visible in the system due to the availability of certain historical information (for example, older versions of a Document). If a User has distributed or shared Personal Information with other Users, the shared Personal Information is stored with the other User's Workspace meaning the Personal Information shared with another User may be viewable by other Users even after the User has removed their own Personal Information.

ScribeHub stores User Personal Information in case a User requests account reactivation by maintaining back-up copies of all Personal Information in the system. Personal Information stored in backup copies is not available to Users. Users have the legal right to request that ScribeHub permanently delete any such stored Personal Information.


ScribeHub will at all times take reasonable precautions to protect Users' Personal Information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. To help protect User Personal Information, the Site uses Secure Socket Layer technology ("SSL") using both server authentication and data encryption. SSL helps to ensure User Personal Information is secure and accessible only to the User to whom the Personal Information belongs and those to whom the User has agreed to provide access. ScribeHub has implemented additional technical safeguards and procedures to protect communications between User and Site including communication of Content and Personal Information.

As mentioned above, ScribeHub provides access to User's Personal Information to ScribeHub employees and to service providers who need to manage such Personal Information. To help ensure appropriate access and management of User Personal Information, ScribeHub employees and service providers are bound by confidentiality and information management agreements. Furthermore, ScribeHub requires that any third party service providers sign agreements agreeing and demonstrating that their data collection, protection, retention, and use meet minimum legal requirements for each of Canada, the United States of America, and the European Union.

Notwithstanding these precautions and security measures, the security of communications sent over the Internet (including by email) and online information storage is subject to many factors outside of ScribeHub's control and, as a result, ScribeHub cannot and does not guarantee the security or privacy of such communications and data storage. For more information on the security measures ScribeHub has implemented with respect to the Service, please see the applicable Service documentation.

For Non-Canadian Resident Users, You agree and acknowledge that Information collected through the Site or in connection with the Site may be transferred across national boundaries and stored and processed in any of the countries around the world in which ScribeHub maintains a presence, including but not limited to Canada, the United States of America, and the European Union. In any event, ScribeHub will ensure that appropriate security safeguards are in place as those required by Canadian, American, or European Union privacy laws, as applicable. Where such assurances cannot be contractually guaranteed, We will seek Your explicit consent prior to transferring any such Personal Information.

Breaches of Security Safeguards

If a security breach occurs involving Personal Information under ScribeHub's control, for which it is reasonable in the circumstances to believe that the breach creates a real risk of significant harm to an individual, or in the EU result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms and natural persons, ScribeHub will, as applicable:

  1. report the breach to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner in the manner prescribed by PIPEDA;
  2. unless otherwise prohibited by law, notify the individual in accordance with provisions of PIPEDA;
  3. report the breach to the relevant EU Supervisory Authority as prescribed by the GDPR;
  4. as and when required, notify the affected person(s) in accordance with the GDPR; and
  5. notify any other organization, a government institution or a part of a government institution of the breach if We believe that the other organization or the government institution or part concerned may be able to reduce the risk of harm that could result from the breach or mitigate that harm, or if any other prescribed conditions are satisfied.

PIPEDA defines "significant harm" as including bodily harm, humiliation, damage to reputation or relationships, loss of employment, business or professional opportunities, financial loss, identity theft, negative effects on the credit record and damage to or loss of property.

Communications Amongst Users

You shall have sole responsibility for any and all communications You initiate with other Users and accordingly ScribeHub shall have no responsibility in connection with any such User to User communications. It is Your sole obligation to comply with all data protection and privacy laws and rules applicable to other Users within the Service.

Use of Cookies

The Site uses two different kinds of cookies. If a User turns off the “allow cookies” setting in their internet browser settings, then any such User would be unable to use the private portions of the Site – i.e. they would not be able to log in.

The first type of cookie is called a “session cookie” to keep track of authenticated Users and their preferences. Without this cookie the User would need to login on every request made by the User. For example when a User clicks a button or link (e.g. views the Dashboard, edits content, posts a comment), then the User would have to login for each request. Thus, the session cookie stores who the User is and the fact that the User is already authenticated with the Site, preventing the need for repeated authentications. In addition, the session cookie usefully tracks language, Document, and Dashboard settings. The session cookie exists only for the session the User is in and when the User logs out or closes their internet browser, then the session cookie is deleted.

The second type of cookie is for the “Remember Me” feature available to Users on the login page. This cookie is only activated and used if the User clicks the “Remember Me” checkbox. This cookie stores a special code that is associated with the User's account and allows a previously authenticated User to re-access the Site even after closing their internet browser and re-opening it. If a “Remember Me” User deletes this cookie, then the User would have to login again the next time they want to access the Site. Unless the User turns off cookies, this would be a permanent cookie and exist across separate sessions in the Site.

Privacy Policy Changes

ScribeHub may change its Privacy Policy from time to time. ScribeHub will post Privacy Policy changes on this web page including the date of the latest change (at the top of the Privacy Policy). Copies of past Privacy Policy documents are available by contacting ScribeHub at the address above.

Governing Law & Standards

This Privacy Policy is developed in accordance with the principles of PIPEDA and the EU GDPR, which governs ScribeHub's privacy requirements in Canada and the EU. Accordingly, this Privacy Policy and the standards developed and adhered to herein meet applicable Canadian and European Union privacy laws. These standards do not necessarily meet the standards established and required in other countries outside of Canada or the European Union, and ScribeHub neither claims nor purports that such other standards are met.

Any Non-Canadian and Non-EU Users hereby agree that this Privacy Policy shall be interpreted and construed in accordance with the appropriate Canadian and EU laws, as applicable, excluding any principles of the conflicts of laws that would apply a different body of law. Any such Users submit and attorn to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Ottawa, Ontario with respect to all matters arising from or related to this Privacy Policy, except for EU Users who have the legal right to pursue judicial remedies in the courts of their EU Member State.